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Your Game Belongs Here at Edge

You want to be the best player you can be, we get it.  You also want to dedicate all of your time pursuing your dream of playing professionally. We understand that too. This passion might come from a burning desire to compete on the world stage or because fast cars, big houses and a lavish lifestyle is what drives you. What we can agree on is that practicing over the winter months, in the UK or Northern Europe, doesn’t work?

To have dedicated yourself to the game, to have achieved the Handicap you have, you have clearly shown that you have talent, drive, dedication and most importantly you can be coached. 

Because you can be coached means you can learn, if you can learn, we can guide you to be the best player you can be whilst showing you how to make as much money as possible with the talent you have. That is why we have included some business in the coaching, after all there’s no point earning and not knowing what to do with it.

All of our modules are dedicated to that goal, making you the best player you can be. This is the only education for over eighteens which has been tailored to your needs; written specifically for you by specialists who know the journey you are currently on.

It takes a lot to make it on the Tour, we know because we have been through the process (successfully we might add!). The steps required to graduate from being the best in your region to getting your Tour Card requires time, courage and sacrifice. Then to keep your Tour Card and have a career on the Tour is another battle to face.

Time to work on your game you will have in abundance with us, the amount you are willing to sacrifice - well that’s up to you.

What we have set up for your game, dream or passion is an opportunity to climb as high as you want.