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Neil’s Pledge To Edge Students

Head of Education

“If it isn’t broken, we won't try to fix it!”

“Far too often, I have seen coaches unnecessarily correct a player's swing, when all the player needs is to believe in their technique, improve their tactics or work more efficiently on their weaknesses.

If you have a trusted swing coach, they’re more than welcome to come down and visit you at Edge.  Alternatively, you can head back for a week or weekend to get some time in with them.

If you are in-between coaches then we can have a look and give you our opinion or recommend other coaching options.

If you have made it to National Level there is a good chance you will have had your fair share of swing opinions, so we don’t want to add to the confusion!

If it isn't broken, we won't fix it. Let’s work on the Body, Brain and Belief to get you where you want to go!”


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