At Edge Golf College we pride ourselves on being able to give you and your game the very best technological support. On campus we have a whole suite of technology which will enable you to receive the most accurate information on your performance.


All residential and blended students will have regular access to this advanced technology.

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Arguably the most accurate 3D system in the world, and built from scratch by Dr Mark himself. Edge Golf College owns the six sensor system, which can measure your swing, putting stroke and chipping action.

Dr Mark will also be lecturing and coaching over the two year course.

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Easily the most advanced putting analysis system in the world today, 

SAM PuttLab will give you a detailed insight into your stroke, tendencies and putting rhythm.

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Science and Motion again. This force plate allows our staff to view, measure and coach the efficiency of your movement from the ground up.

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This V1 software enables Edge Golf College to keep a record of your swing giving your coaches back home easy access to your current positions.

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All the information you could possibly want about your ball striking immediately in front of you! Spin rates, club speed, swing path, and carry distances are all covered by the time the ball lands.